Forget Candyland–These Games are WAAAAAY Better

by Trisha-and-Amy on April 30, 2009

Some days you just want to hang out with the kids but are too exhausted to even think about playing another game of Candyland. So here are some guilt-free games to play with your kids. These are loads of fun for them but secretly they provide lots of rest and relaxation for you. We each played at least two of these just this afternoon.

BABY: This is one of our favorites because you might even get to doze off somewhere in the middle. You are the ‘baby’ and they are the mommy and/or daddy. You lay down, preferably on a really comfy couch or a bed, and they provide a soft blanket for you. They fetch all kinds of things to soothe the baby, like a pretend bottle and snacks (e.g., jellybeans, malted milk balls or your other favorite trans fatty treat). But the key is that for the’ baby’ to be happy, it needs to be very QUIET. This could go on for like an hour. Seriously, heaven.

HAIR SALON: You are the ‘client.’ They are the stylists, and they brush your hair, put in barrettes, pony tails and generally treat you like a queen. Best of all, the service is FREE. Both genders like this one, FYI.

NAIL SALON: Again, you are the ‘client.’ This one is a favorite. Tools required: Lotion, for massaging your feet, a warm wet towel for cleaning your feet afterwards and a makeup brush for the pretend polish. Sitting on a comfy couch is required as well as People magazine for your reading pleasure. **Bonus points if you get the salon owner to massage your shoulders.

RESTAURANT: You are the ‘customer.’ They serve you all kinds of real and pretend snacks, take your order, all while you are on your laptop researching recipes and other restaurants to ‘try” (and maybe checking a few emails as well). **Important note: the little ‘busboys’ and ‘busgirls’ do the clean-up. Voila!

Anyone have any other made-up ‘games’ to add to the list??

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erica May 12, 2009 at 10:55 pm

ha, ha. these are great.. thank you for the laugh. i’ve got a good one me and my 3 your old play all the time and she LOVES it… we pretend my bed is a boat and that there are sharks circling it. i get to lay down while she has fun in the pretend boat. perfect game! ;)

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