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August 2012

Why Does Dinner Come EVERY NIGHT?!?

by admin on August 17, 2012


Here’s me, every single night: “Oh god, here they go again — they are HUNGRY. Hmmm, WTF am I supposed to ‘whip up’ for dinner NOW?’”

It seriously puts me way over the edge. I’ve almost given up. Here’s a great website — Weelicious — that offers up easy and healthy recipes for dinners and even school lunches. Catherine McCord’s book is coming out in a few weeks and I’ve already pre-ordered it.

Check it out!


1. Your kids were with you.
2. Your husband was with you.
3. The aforementioned people, combined, won’t stop talking or eating. Or leaving their dirty laundry all over the floor.
4. The couple laying out next to your s&it show are clearly deeply in love and whispering about how they never want to turn into your s$it show.
5. You just got yor period.
6. You clearly won’t be having a lick of sex on this trip (wait- that’s a PRO – different list).
7. You can’t stop thinking about the laundry s$it show you’ll face the moment you get home.
8. It’s day 2 and you already need a vacation from your vacation.
9. You just finished 50 Shades and the hotel bookstore only has lame harlequin romances. Morons.
10. While you tune out your screaming kids at the pool, you cruise Facebook and see all of your pretty glossy happy ‘friends’ having perfectly perfect relaxing vacations.