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July 2011

The Big Four-Oh!

by admin on July 25, 2011

Trisha and I stopped by the Today Show this morning to chat with Natalie Morales (who’s about to turn 40!) about the issues for moms as they reach this milestone.

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by Trisha-and-Amy on July 16, 2011

We are hosting a Fresh Air Fund child this week (“L”), and we’ve received the most wonderful gift in this 7 year-old little girl: Perspective. In watching this child (who’s staying with us for a week, from the Bronx), spread her wings like a little butterfly, overcome with joy by the smallest of things, has been overwhelming for all of us. This week has been a week of firsts: First ride on a swing, first bathing suit, first time seeing the sand, and an ocean, first time in a pool, first time eating grilled cheese.

She doesn’t whine over not getting the seat she wants in a movie theatre. She’s just in awe of the big screen in front of her.

She talks of the tough, heart-wrenching things going on in her life without knowing there’s anything different in the world. And hopefully, after this week, there will be the tiniest inkling inside her heart that maybe, just maybe, things don’t always have to be that way.

Thank you, little L. You’ve been our gift.