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Authors of ‘Dirty Little Secrets From Otherwise Perfect Moms’ Offer Advice on Getting Kids Past Common Speed Bumps
May 5 — GoodNites(R) Brand today declared May “Positive Parenting Month,” teaming up with moms and authors of the new book “Dirty Little Secrets From Otherwise Perfect Moms,” Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile. Throughout the month, GoodNites(R) will help parents feel better about and succeed at coaching kids through common childhood speed bumps like homework stress, friendship issues and bedtime battles.
“While writing our book, we spoke with hundreds of moms who were all dealing with similar challenges,” say Ashworth and Nobile. “As parents, it’s comforting to know that we aren’t alone, and it’s important to realize that we aren’t bad moms and dads because our kids have struggles. There’s no harder job than parenting, but if we are confident in our own abilities without judging ourselves, we’ll find some relief and focus on what’s really important.”

In celebration of “Positive Parenting Month,” GoodNites(R) offers extra help and advice to parents on throughout May, including:

  • A weekly positive parenting tip from Trisha and Amy giving parentssuggestions for how they can keep their own and their kids’self-esteem intact while overcoming challenges
  • An expert panel to answer personal parenting questions
  • Advice on how to help kids get beyond speed bumps like homeworkstress, friendship issues and bedtime battles
  • In addition to recognizing parents on during “Positive Parenting Month,” GoodNites(R) offers the following resources year-round to help families manage bedwetting until children outgrow it.
An estimated five million to seven million children in the U.S. wet the bed. More than ever, parents are looking for a confidential source for information. By visiting, parents can find bedwetting resources, including facts, advice and solutions. Parents can also read about other families’ experiences with bedwetting and connect with one another in an anonymous sharing space.

About GoodNites(R) Underpants and Sleep Pants
GoodNites(R) has products available to help children who wet the bed feel just like other kids, including GoodNites(R) Underpants and Sleep Pants – Sleep Boxers for Boys and Sleep Shorts for Girls. Products from GoodNites(R) not only help reduce anxiety around bedtime, but they also help protect kids’ self-esteem without prolonging bedwetting by giving them a sense of control over a situation that is not their fault.

GoodNites(R) Underpants and Sleep Pants can be found next to the disposable underpants in all leading grocery stores, mass merchandisers and drugstores nationwide. GoodNites(R) Sleep Pants can also be found in the children’s underwear department at select retailers.

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“We grew up in a time that said: ‘You can do it all. The choices are great.’ What it did was put an incredible amount of pressure on us. Our expectations for ourselves are just through the roof.”

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“Your book speaks with fresh honesty about the realities of how crazy we are about our kids and how crazy motherhood makes us, AND invites us to change the rules of motherhood to actually serve us and our children.”
— SuEllen Hamkins, MD author of The Mother-Daughter Project: How Mothers and Daughters Can Band Together, Beat The Odds, and Thrive Through Adolescence

“This is the perfect book to read on those days when the thousand expectations of the world on mothers are too heavy. It made me laugh and cry. Give this to that Supermom you know but read yourself first.”
— Joyce Frohn, Apple Blossom Books of Oshkosh

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