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September 2011


by Trisha-and-Amy on September 12, 2011

Amy here.

I think Spongebob is funny. Like really funny. So there was some study with a bunch of 4-year olds that found that, after watching Spongebob, their attention spans weren’t great. I think it’s pertinent to mention that they also made these poor kids watch Caillou, in comparison. I guess the third group of pre-schoolers drew with crayons, and they compared all the groups afterwards. A couple of points here:

1) Maybe your 4-year old shouldn’t necessarily be watching Spongebob. He’s hilarious — and my 7 and 8 year-old and I watch him and laugh our heads off. But they’re not FOUR. And his snarky humor probably is wasted on those poor Pre-K kids.

2) Shame on those adults for making those kids sit through Caillou. Have you ever watched that awful excuse for a kids show? Do you not want to just smack Caillou after 10 seconds? He is so whiny, and immature, and just…well…smackable. That’s just torture, and so not fair.

3) More kids should be encouraged to draw with crayons. I’m just saying.

For me, the moral of the story is that Spongebob is kind of genius. Just keep the tiny tots away from him for a few years. And keep them away from Caillou for like, ever.