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March 2010

Little Glimpses

by Trisha-and-Amy on March 25, 2010

In researching our books, when we’d talk to the prior generation of mothers, we’d often ask if their now grown or almost grown children were the same basic people as when they were three or four or five years old. Almost all of the time, the answer was a resounding ‘yes.’ So it’s really wild when your child busts out with a thought or insight or opinion that might just give you a glimpse into who they’ll be – or who they already are.

The other night, when Amy was in the midst of a total mental breakdown over house and family stuff, her kids Sam and Emily came over to her, kind of horrified that she had snot running down her nose and was heaving sobbing, uncontrollably (she usually holds it somewhat together and fakes it pretty well in front of them). Emily immediately broke down crying – “I’m scared! What’s going on?!” Sam, on the other hand, put his hand on her shoulder and calmly said, “Mom, you need to BREATHE. Just breathe, c’mon. You don’t need this stress. It’s okay, really.” It was quite amazing to see not only the difference in their reactions, but how they are becoming their own, strong, thoughtful little people.

And by the way, it’s totally completely acceptable to let your kids see you have a breakdown, and then see you pull yourself together. No need to put up the facade – it’s too much work, anyway.


How Do You Grab the Moments?

by Trisha-and-Amy on March 9, 2010

Hey – Amy here. Tonight putting Sam (7 years) to bed, he whispered in my ear “Mom, I love it when you laugh…your voice sounds so beautiful.” Ok, he’s either gunning for Mario Cart Wii….or he was delivering one of those ‘oh my God I need to go write this down right now so I never forget it’ moments. As an optimist, I chose the latter and ran and jotted it down. And then proceeded to clean up the kitchen, review my long ‘to do’ list and finally heat up some dinner.

But wait…that moment deserves a little more pause. A little more…more. It’s all going by so fast, how do we keep these moments, translate them into our brains for how precious they really are, breathe into them a little? In about 5 seconds our kids will be grabbing our keys and dating and leaving the house and…well, we all know the drill. I guess for now, I’ll just try really, really hard to savor his sweet, seven year-old words.


Alice in Wonderland!

March 3, 2010

We both were blown away by the new film produced by our pals Jennifer and Suzanne Todd! (We are also thrilled to be working with them on a Lifetime show based on our ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ book)…stay tuned! We flew to LA Monday for the first U.S. screening of Alice, and it was phenomenal. A […]

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