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September 2009


Did we really sign up for this? Who would have thought the idea that crying babies and 4 o’clock boredom would ever look good? Didn’t we already pay our dues? Homework has now taken over our lives. What ever happened to playing outside for hours while moms sat inside, cooked dinner and contemplated cocktails? Now life is over-run with activities and flying in the door at 6pm after soccer, karate and ballet only to have nothing to cook and hours of mind-numbing homework. How does one handle this? Cut out sports and all activities? Lose friends and have no playdates…..ever? Homework has turned our once smiling kids into stressed out, angst-ridden little people. We turn into the moms we never really wanted to be; barking orders and running the house like a militant. No time to even poor a glass of wine.

At the beginning of the year, we have high hopes that once things settle down, everyone will get in the groove and we’ll barely have to remind our kids to do their homework. They’re all a year older, aren’t they? Won’t they just magically all go to their rooms and do it without being asked?

Well, we can all have a fantasy.



September 18, 2009

Ok we can only give so much. So much money to our schools, so much time and volunteering, so much energy to make sure everyone has some sort of meal in their lunchbox and then get their homework done in a timely fashion. Why is it SO black and white, going from the whimsical lazy […]

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My Kid Has A Broken Elbow and I’m The One Who Needs Morphine

September 6, 2009

Hey, Amy here. So on Friday my daughter Emily (who’s 5) fell off the monkey bars and broke her elbow in 3 places. Ambulance from school (she was nodding off so we thought she might have a concussion), and a whole day in the gross ER, in “H1″ (Hallway, section 1) since the meth addicts […]

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