From the monthly archives:

May 2009

So we are big proponents of escaping for a day or two (or four) on a mini vacation without the kids. In fact, we just returned from a girls weekend to Miami (details on that another time, oh my..). Is it terrible to say that we barely (if at all) missed our kids? That it allowed us to truly, totally, fully escape emotionally and physically from our day to day lives, stress, craziness? That we kind of, sort of cringed when we dropped our kids off at school this morning wondering if any of the other moms were looking at us cross-eyed for getting out of dodge without our little darlings?

We’ve each made it a priority to run away from it all, even for 24 hours, with our husbands or our girlfriends pretty regularly, and have learned to shed the guilt associated with it. We’ve finally given ourselves permission to run away, because now we know how beneficial it is. It’s an incredible feeling to come back to your life re-charged, re-energized and really appreciating the day to day lives we have. And we hope that other moms will embrace this for themselves, too.