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July 2010

Meeting Girlfriends in a New Town is Just Like Dating.

by Trisha-and-Amy on July 16, 2010

Hey, (Amy here), so I’ve just moved to a new town directly across the country from where I was (California). About a month in, I’m shocked at how friendly my neighbors and friends-of-friends are. I’ve even been invited to a couple ‘girls nights out’ which is very exciting. But it’s funny how meeting new (potential) girlfriends is kind of like dating. No, wait, it’s kind of exactly like dating.

Scenario 1 (one week in):
New friend “Suzie” — “Hey there, I’m so glad you could meet me for coffee. I heard you were the new girl in town. I could tell by looking at you that you’re a “California girl.” With the blonde hair and the way you walk and everything. Do you get that a lot?”
Me: (Fakes stomach cramp, leaves after 5 minutes.)

Scenario 2 (two weeks in):
New friend “Rebecca” — (arrives at front door)
“Hi, um, I just made this banana bread for you guys. Can I come in? I just love seeing how people decorate! Oh I love these kind of stools. They swivel and go up and down. Verrrry cool. Mmmm hmmm. I used to be a stenographer, how about you??”
Me: (Fakes stomach cramp, she leaves after 20 minutes.)

Scenario 3: (just last week):
New friend “Jamie” — (I’m at her house for a playdate with our sons)
“It’s 4:30 – not too early for wine, right? C’mon, the kids are downstairs, let’s go outside and relax.”
Me: “I might make out with you right now.”

So there it is. I think I’m doing pretty well, considering that in dating it takes like 100 dates to find one maybe decent guy. I’ll endure the pain until I find my perfect Mommy Match. Keep ya posted.

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Ok, I know I’m not alone here. Facebook is part of my life. My daily life. I get up, I brush my teeth, I check Facebook. Maybe I check Facebook first. I peruse the status updates, I see if I have any new messages, I see who changed their profile pictures. (Uh…wait…you’re not Kristin Stewart…oh…you just think you look like her. Got it.) Then I make my tea, maybe a kid gets up, then I check Facebook.

But lately, it seems like there are a few glitches in my Facebook system. Like the guy who I barely knew in middle school who ALWAYS has to comment on whatever I comment on. Really? Ok, it was cute the first few times. But now you’re getting raunchy, and people are wondering what the deal is. Did we have a ‘thing’ going on at one time? Why do we seem so ‘close’ now? We’re not, really. I promise.

Or the people I know and love who post things like “Whew…that sky sure is blue today!” or “That steak sandwich was YUM-MY!” Ok, no disrespect here…but just because you have that fleeting thought doesn’t mean we all want to hear it. If you scroll through my status updates, you’ll see that I’m guilty of this on a few occasions (“Damn, it’s hot”). My bad. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.

So there’s a thing you can press to ‘hide’ people who annoy you, and I’ve found that button surprisingly freeing. They don’t know you’ve hidden them, which is nice. But now I’m feeling guilty about a few people and I don’t know how to ‘un-hide’ them. Hmmm. Thoughts?

Or, you can just de-friend the peeps you simply cannot keep in your Facebook life for one more second. They, too, are unaware that you’ve done the deadly deed. That is a harder button to push, but again, refreshing when you realize that Freddy from elementary school has a really foul mouth and propensity for sharing links to his used auto business (where he has ‘super bad ass Camaros on sale for crazy cheap’).

Overall, I love Facebook. I’ll defend it to anyone who slams it (like my husband, who peers over my shoulder when I’m laughing like a hyena over some YouTube video my acquaintance-I-met-at-a-cookie-exchange-three years-ago posted). It’s a little slice of community that I can keep as close or as far as I want or need. And I don’t have to pick up the phone to see how Sheila from summer camp is doing. Ever.