Meeting Girlfriends in a New Town is Just Like Dating.

by Trisha-and-Amy on July 16, 2010

Hey, (Amy here), so I’ve just moved to a new town directly across the country from where I was (California). About a month in, I’m shocked at how friendly my neighbors and friends-of-friends are. I’ve even been invited to a couple ‘girls nights out’ which is very exciting. But it’s funny how meeting new (potential) girlfriends is kind of like dating. No, wait, it’s kind of exactly like dating.

Scenario 1 (one week in):
New friend “Suzie” — “Hey there, I’m so glad you could meet me for coffee. I heard you were the new girl in town. I could tell by looking at you that you’re a “California girl.” With the blonde hair and the way you walk and everything. Do you get that a lot?”
Me: (Fakes stomach cramp, leaves after 5 minutes.)

Scenario 2 (two weeks in):
New friend “Rebecca” — (arrives at front door)
“Hi, um, I just made this banana bread for you guys. Can I come in? I just love seeing how people decorate! Oh I love these kind of stools. They swivel and go up and down. Verrrry cool. Mmmm hmmm. I used to be a stenographer, how about you??”
Me: (Fakes stomach cramp, she leaves after 20 minutes.)

Scenario 3: (just last week):
New friend “Jamie” — (I’m at her house for a playdate with our sons)
“It’s 4:30 – not too early for wine, right? C’mon, the kids are downstairs, let’s go outside and relax.”
Me: “I might make out with you right now.”

So there it is. I think I’m doing pretty well, considering that in dating it takes like 100 dates to find one maybe decent guy. I’ll endure the pain until I find my perfect Mommy Match. Keep ya posted.

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denise olson July 25, 2010 at 5:55 pm

oh my gosh!!! great article. I was just watching, “I Love You, Man” and totally related the whole scenerio with my own musings of finding new friends in a new town!!! Thanks, I feel so much better now that I’m not alone!!!

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