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June 2009

The Secret to a Happy Marriage…Oscar Meyer?

by Trisha-and-Amy on June 28, 2009

Right around June, both of us start to smile a little more, we start to bitch a little less about those men we call our husbands, and we start to gain about an hour a day. Why, you ask? Because we are not agonizing about DINNER. Because it’s grilling season! And that means our husbands cook dinner. A lot. Because somehow that allows us to shed that terrible guilt and pressure of what to feed our families. Dinner throws us right over the edge most days of the year. It really shouldn’t have to be that way. But with all of the other ‘to do’s’ on our list, and our very apparent inability to cook anything beyond pasta and frozen broccoli, who has time to sit and plan a week’s worth of meals? Please. We loooove our outdoor grills. Because it means WE don’t have to cook nearly as many dinners. And that might just put us in the mood, too. Especially if he cleans up. Yeah, baby.


Thinking About the Dads…

by Trisha-and-Amy on June 21, 2009

On this Father’s Day, remember to think about all of the great things your husband does…even if they are invisible. Does he pay the bills? Does he fix the car? Does he make your kids giggle when you’re not looking? It’s important to embrace and appreciate each other for what’s real and true. For what works for YOUR family, no one else’s.

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Summer is SO Not Fun (At Least Not Yet).

June 15, 2009

So it’s summer (which came on spastically fast, didn’t it??), which in our brains equals lazy, hazy, laughing, smiling, joking, relaxing, stress-free times with our kids, doesn’t it? Isn’t it supposed to? Especially now that our 5 kids are all 5 and older, we’ve been talking about how GREAT it’s going to be — they […]

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You Know You’re a Loser Mom When Your Kid Pretty Much Calls You a Loser

June 8, 2009

Ok we’ve all had our moments. How are we supposed to keep it all straight? Good mom, good wife, good friend, good volunteer, good school helper, good samaritan, good daughter-in-law, good sister-in-law…? It’s impossible. Here’s what happens when you can’t keep it all straight: (In Amy’s car, with 6-year old Sam, after school pick-up): Sam: […]

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