You Know You’re a Loser Mom When Your Kid Pretty Much Calls You a Loser

by Trisha-and-Amy on June 8, 2009

Ok we’ve all had our moments. How are we supposed to keep it all straight? Good mom, good wife, good friend, good volunteer, good school helper, good samaritan, good daughter-in-law, good sister-in-law…? It’s impossible. Here’s what happens when you can’t keep it all straight:

(In Amy’s car, with 6-year old Sam, after school pick-up):

Sam: Guess what? NO mom showed up this morning for Centers to help us with our project.
Amy: Oh, bummer! That’s too bad.
Sam: You know why? Because YOU were supposed to be there.
Amy: What? Oh sweetie, don’t be silly. My calendar is right here, I would know if I needed to be there…
Sam: Ok, then look at it.
(Amy looks and sees “CENTERS, 9:30″ in red marker.)
Amy: Oh no. No. Really? Oh I’m so sorry Sam.
Sam: Maybe you’re doing too much, Mom. We really needed help. That was not good.

And just days later:

Pierce (Trisha’s 7-year old son): Mom, we had our last baseball game and we WON and we didn’t have any snacks after the game.
Trisha: Oh no, why?
Pierce: Because YOU were the snack mom. And you forgot. We were really hungry.

Really? Wow. Now not only are we loser moms, but our kids know it, too. They’re old enough to figure out who’s got it all together and who doesn’t. And we’re on the ‘doesn’t’ list. Argh!!

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