Putting Some Guys Aside…”Just in Case”

by Trisha-and-Amy on April 24, 2011

So a good friend of ours announced that, although he’s happily (subjective, yes, like all of us) married, with two small kids, and getting a vasectomy since they’re definitely done having kids, he’s decided to ‘save’ some sperm. Just ‘put it aside,’ in case.

“Uh… in case of what?” we asked. “You know, in case. You just never know what could happen in life. If I need it, for my 25 year-old second wife down the line, for another kid…well, it’ll be there. Kind of like a security deposit.”

Hmmm. Sounds kind of douche-y, I know. But it does make you think. The finality of a vasectomy seems startling. As Paul and I grapple with this very idea, I feel myself turning away from the option. I mean, yes, we’re done. I know we’re happy with our two kids, but I’m still…my eggs…are still probably kind of GOOD, y’know? Ugh, I don’t know. The whole thing just wreaks of…we’re getting older. So weird.

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Amanda April 24, 2011 at 6:41 am

My husband and I have talked about this too. He wants to get “fixed”, but it seems sooo final to me! So, we thought about saving some swimmers too – just in case. We know we don’t want any more than 2 kids, but what if we change our minds? I don’t think the thought of his new wife wanting kids has entered his mind since he is slightly opposed to saving the swimmers, but it makes you think. You never know what tomorrow will bring and it seems like it makes it less of a permanent decision. As of right now I don’t want to be pregnant ever again, and the thought of being pregnant past 34 scares me, we don’t want to pay for 3 colleges or 3 private schools (if we go that route), or 3 of anything, but what if next year we do?? I really wasn’t prepared for these kinds of stressful life-changing decisions…shouldn’t there have been a class on this stuff at some point?

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